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LEZ Specialists In Euro Compliance

Specialists in the London low emission zone (LEZ) filter system installation and particulate exhaust solutions in the West Midlands and Birmingham area.

Unlike most other companies we do not only supply our filter systems but we also install and then certify all of our filter systems in house at our workshop, so all you need to do is drive in and then drive out.

Are you ready for the new legislation?

As of January 2012, trucks over 3.5 tonnes, buses and coaches over 5 tonnes must have a Euro 4
emissions particulate rating to comply with the LEZ (low emission zone) changes.

Truc Technologies can provide a cost effective Diesel Particulate Filter solution for the LEZ.

As of January 2012 new environmental legislation in London requires all vehicles to meet the required emission levels. A new filter system is now required to reduce your heavy goods vehicle emissions.

Check out our light commercial D.I.Y. kits which covers the majority of light commercials with prices for a self installation kit starting from as little as 1600 plus VAT" (please call for details and a specific quote)

How much will it cost to enter London without having a new filter?



If your vehicle is pre 2007 this may AFFECT you !
If you drive an affected vehicle in the LEZ (low emission zone) and it does not meet the required emissions standards, and you do not pay the daily charge of 200, you may be liable for a Penalty Charge.

This will be issued to the registered keeper of the vehicle

Click the above Link to view the LEZ Website

Finance is available (subject to status) please ask for more details.

What happens if i don't pay the costs?

A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may also be issued if the daily charge has not been paid by midnight on the next working day after
travel, or if an incorrect vehicle registration mark or day of travel was supplied when the charge was paid.

A separate PCN may be issued for each charging day that a vehicle which does not meet the LEZ emissions standards is driven in the zone without payment of the appropriate charge.

The penalty charge for all affected
vehicles that enter the LEZ is 1000 reduced to 500 if paid within 14 days and increased to 1500 if not paid within 28 days.

For Your Compliance Check
And Order Enquiries

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Office 0121 359 3992
Paul Groves 07785 358937
Mark Moore 07944 445000

People should note that you cannot use a random filter system without it being registered in the country you are required to travel in, for example a system which is registered and approved in Sweden may not be registered and approved in France.

We can specify and recommend the correct filter system for your requirements to enable you to travel in all the countries you may need.

Vehicle Type


Does not meet the current standards (Euro III for PM)

Will not meet the new standards from 3 January 2012
(Euro IV for PM)

- Lorries
- Motor caravans
- Motorised horseboxes
- Breakdown and recovery vehicles
- Snow ploughs
- Gritters
- Refuse collection vehicles
- Road sweepers
- Concrete mixers
- Fire engines
- Tippers
- Removal lorries

- And other specialist vehicles

More than 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight

Vehicles registered as new before
1 October 2001

Vehicles registered as new before
1 October 2006

- Buses
- Coaches
(with more than 8 passenger seats)

More than 5 tonnes gross vehicle weight

Vehicles registered as new before
1 October 2001

Vehicles registered as new before
1 October 2006

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